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This Is Us.

So why now? 


Why in the name of "publishing is on life support" would we jump back into this business? Instinct. I guess that's the best answer I can give you right now. A doggedness, which I do believe comes from my Eastern Kentucky ancestry, is the fuel that drives our "if you want something done, sometimes you gotta do it yourself" ethos. So here we are, jumping on the wave of independent journalism to see how far we can hang on this ride. So after several years of consideration and nearly a year of stops and starts, we’re jumping in to launch this… what would you call it, reboot? Legacy? Menagerie of missives?

It's STORY. And if you know me at all, saying that I’m a well-intentioned, impassioned perfectionist with a history of achievement/burnout won’t faze you one bit. What may shock the hell out of you though is that I have no set-in-stone game plan for this site. (I know!) No sponsored content, no elaborate photo shoots (not yet anyway), no SEO analysis. I did that already.

I stopped publishing OG STORY some 8+ years ago and still nobody’s figured out how to make this business model work, so fuck it. I am fully embracing the unknown and setting no parameters on myself and those who contribute. The time to jump is now, and we will let instinct and feedback be our guide.



Photo by Nick Thelan.

Yes, that STORY magazine.

In 2011, we started STORY magazine as an independent publication with a focus on highlighting Kentucky's under-the-radar stories. With grace and grit, we kept the magazine machine running despite the formidable odds. After a successful 5-year run, we pulled the plug as we could no longer deny that print media was a dying breed.


Now, eight years later, we're jumping back into the ring with a broader focus and a fluid model. Our boundaries have expanded to encompass the entirety of the South. And we've shed the confines of traditional newsstand constraints that dictate when and how we publish. Same storytelling. Same tenacity. Only now we have the freedom to offer deeper dives (or short-n-sweet hits) that are shared with you when we say they're ripe for the picking.


The world has changed in unimaginable ways since our humble beginnings, and we wouldn't dare attempt to predict how this is going to turn out now. But just like the first time, bold moves require that first step, so here we go.


Roll through and tell us what you've been up to. Then drop in with your ideas just like before. 


Let's connect.

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